Final day …for real!

#impromptupost also not very #relevant ^(^_^)^

On Wednesday I was so happy because I thought that on Thursday was the last day of my lessons and that I would be free the whole of Friday to do whatever ‘I want to do’ yeah those dreams were cut short with this sentence at the end of my lesson yesterday! Okay. So see you guys tomorrow. I was like WHATTTTTTTT!!!!? there is class tomorrow? you have got to be kidding me :|

Was I going to get up at 6am today? – No, I was going to stay in bed with a Korean book with the TV blaring in the background having a good time now I can’t though ><

Plans for leaving the your house to get anything important? – No, the only important thing was the SCHOOL which I thought was over for another week! Now though it seems I am up at 7am and going to my lesson D:

Are you kinda irritated by having to go to school when you thought it was a holiday? – Yes. A lot actually. I know its for my own good it is exam preparations and all but its Friday what could you possibly need to tell me? Hmm. I don’t even know why I’m going. No. I do know why I’m going because my Mum told me to :D

My feeling about the day.

I will need a LARGE 500ml smoothie today to help calm me down :D


경험은 정말 중요해!

경험은 정말 중요해! ~ Experience is important!

I learnt this sentence while I was studying Korean this morning ^^ and its a very true sentence ~

Anyway, I haven’t been updating for a while my random posts are increasing its not a good start to the month (or is it an end to the month?) I have written maybe 3 posts this whole month on my Korean studies and actually those 3 times when I wrote a blog post are the only times when I actually studied Korean for more than 5 minutes, every other time I have studied its been like a ritual for me *listen to koreanclass101 podcast* then *write down vocabulary you don’t know* followed by the very formula like ritual of *read grammar & study grammar*  till I know it then figure the formula of the grammar out then just read the lesson notes again…followed by 3 minutes of reading grammar in a grammar book then THE END ~ study time is over!!!! Really. To me that is not studying that is listening because half of that stuff will be very weak in my memory by the end of the day ~ yes I have a pretty short memory on almost everything I read, if I stop revising on it I will forget it, its almost inevitable but I don’t wanna study everything like that. I’m doing it like that because I only have time for a few hours in the morning (6-8am) which I use half of the time getting ready for my lesson, which leaves me just an hour to read something quick. Awful way to study ㅠ.ㅠ

I hate doing things in that ‘ritual like’ way where everything is just like a motion to get to a means ~ ><

Luckily though I haven’t forgotten anything ~ phew!!! I would be really angry at myself if I even forgot one word or one grammar point. Even though getting angry at myself is a silly thing to do I would actually >< its how I am, just that kind of person. :)

Now time for general updates and worries :D

I have a read a few stories about peoples blogs being deleted without any kind of forewarning ㅠ.ㅠ OMG!! These a super true horror stories ~ that are scaring me, has anyone had their blog deleted or closed ; suspended because of some conditions or something being broken? I’m worried. Yesterday I began looking at some self-hosting .com options because honestly I happen to love my blog, and blogging everything of the past year+ is right here and in my heart and mind I have every intention of carrying this blog on for even the next 10 years (or all my life!) because I will still be studying 한국어 maybe by then my dreams will have come true and my hard work will have paid off and I will actually be in KOREA or maybe I won’t be!! I don’t know about those things. All I know is I will still be studying Korean (maybe not the language because I will be fluent but the culture and the country) or another language I might fall in love with. You just never know what’s going to happen, its in all in the hands of fate and the universe. But the BLOG will still be here, I will still be here. Hence the reason this is actually creeping me out I don’t wanna go 5 years with the blog and have someone just delete it on a whim and I am stuck and unable to retrieve my life basically, that would kill me ㅎㅎ

That’s why I am 85% inclined to go .com with the blog being powered by within the next week or two but the other 15% of me is thinking C’mon Kay are you not being just a little bit dramatic? How would this happen to your blog?  I always manage to answer my own question though. I have very bad luck and its my blog that this would probably happen to, somehow they would just find me and delete me *scream* I really need to think about this one…..long and hard ~ its not a decision detrimental my life in the literal sense but it is important to me ~really it is I don’t think I want to make a ‘wrong choice’ and suffer a consequence I was trying to avoid.

Other than that one plaguing worry I am totally AWESOME~ I have new glasses which is super I had stopped wearing my old ones because they were pissing me of they were making my face look weirder than it should actually look ㅠ.ㅠ they are almost identical styles but the news ones are smaller and ‘prettier’ IMO ^(^_^)^


not much difference though ^(^_^)^
not much difference though ^(^_^)^

Mmm. Looking at them again they really do look almost identical, not very adventurous of me now is it D: but I do like them more because they have red on them hehe~ as opposed to the other ones which were just plain looking >< now I can see my Korean notes better and read longer without getting a massive migraine like I usually do hehe~ great! :p

Now…I have #schoolwork to do ~Biology tomorrow, early in the morning too >< I get my test results then too which I am a bit nervous about I won’t lie although I do think I did alright it might not be as well as I wanted to do ㅠ.ㅠ

About going self-hosted .com blog with please at least help me with this decision is it a good idea? I want to do it because I am scared of loosing my blog and everything else on here ~also with a I have will have more features which is great I like playing with customizations and the ones on are a little weak so it would be nice and a different experience :D playing around and making the blog my ‘own’ to suit me!! ^^ even though I am inexperienced hehe ^^

That’s my two cents of the weekend :D have a good Monday ~I know they can be a bit shitty lol~~~~


50,000 + views ~ Thank You

Evening everyone ~ yesterday morning I surpassed 50,000 views on this blog ^^ I’m so happy and grateful to everyone I have tricked into for visiting my blog :D its not much yet a few useful post and most of them are my on-and-on gibberish moments I often have it does though carry the journey I have taken since I opened this blog on the 29th of July 2012 every phases I have gone through every glimpse of worry I have shared any words I have learnt any grammar I found fascinating or amusing ^^

It has my life when I typed it out for the past year and more icon_smile

I don’t have many useful or informative posts on this blog do I? I have a few favorites though and some that might be useful to somebody hehe ^^ I will write more useful and detailed posts in the coming months right now I won’t lie I am a bit busy with #schoolwork and an #exam in November :D

Here are a few useful and interesting posts ~ you might find them interesting ^^

These are my posts that I find interesting :p

That’s it :D looking at my useful posts is a little sad :D so if any one of you have a topic you want me to write about go ahead and ask ^^ its good for me too because sometimes I just can’t think of what to look for maybe one of you might lead me to my favourite topic and I just don’t know about it yet ^^ either leave a comment or email me if you feel more comfortable at [] all feedback is greatly appreciated <3 and another big



오랜만이죠?! :)


Starting with 오랜만이죠! seemed right because its been a few days or longer. I think ㅎㅎㅎ

In the last post I was doing “reading” practice with a CNBLUE article/interview I found on Olleh music ^^ I haven’t finished but I am almost…just about there with it, it’s a little bit challenging but I kinda like that feeling when I work on something :)

I also was learning a bit of grammar ^^ found one very cute and interesting –기만 하면되다 (all you have to do/ you only have to do) I think I wrote a whole page and more on that one ^^ I don’t often enjoy grammar but that was a nice pattern to me ^^

……I also got a new notebook today. Pretty one too, my others are a solid colour this one is flowery and with some butterflies :D How absolutely adorable?! :D


#badphoto sorry about the very plain and bad photo I’m just too tired at the moment to even bother being cute with my photos ^^;;

I am still not sure what I should write in this notebook, maybe some notes on a specific something. 세상에 너를 소리쳐 maybe? I have a notebook for that but its a plain one. Guess it doesn’t matter :)

……..피곤해 :| its in the afternoon but I’m just going to sleep hehe D:

…Bye and thanks for all the lovely comments about the blog and its really awesome you guys support and encouragement means a lot to me ^^


Where are you from?

Dunno what I’m doing up at 2am but while I’m awake might as well do something (:

Anyway, these days, well recently I have been getting strange questions from people when they see this “weird language” I am constantly writing  or reading whenever I am standing waiting for a class ^^ in the hallway (:

First time was in a Biology theory revision class I opened my Korean Grammar book just to have a look at some points while I wait and someone asked me ‘What’s that?’ and I answered ‘Korean.’ then came the question I didn’t think was possible to ask

‘Where are you from? Are you from Korea?’

When I was asked that I initially thought it was a big joke actually ㅋㅋㅋ I feel ashamed to say it but I laughed (: then I realised that this person was not joking they genuinely were asking if I was from Korea and what could I do after laughing a little (well! more of a giggle than a laugh) I just had to respond and say ‘No’ politely as I could!!! ^^

One time I put it down to ignorance that someone could think I was from Korea. Because I don’t look Asian at all, and by Asian I mean pale skin, super white I don’t look like that I am a little darker than that actually …so I put the reason that someone could ask is that

‘They just don’t know about Korea’

Second time, was in a Biology practical class and the girl I was partnered with was next to me to get some chemicals for her experiment and I made a mistake which let me exclaiming out “아… 자쯩나!” then she obviously giggled a little because I have a strange voice that squeaks a little when I do something silly ㅎㅎㅎㅎ she asked me ‘What did you say?’ I repeated it then she asked what language it was again I thought okay let me just tell her ‘It’s Korean’ I said and I thought that would be that….but…no I got the same question again

‘Are you from Korea?’ this time I thought to myself ‘No f—-ing way you think I am from freaking Korea? Do you see me?’ didn’t say that to her face though…obviously ㅎㅎㅎ…I just said

“No…I’m from here. Born here. Raised here. Never even left the continent before.” then the question I hadn’t been asked before and I seriously hope I never get it again is “Where is Korea?” to me this was ridiculous how can someone not know this?! it really must be impossible I think but none-the-less I told her “Asia” which seemed to end the conversation …it barely was one…but still that kicked it LOL :)

Most recently last week Friday when I was early for my class as I mentioned in my previous post ‘Unaided Feeling…‘ I had lent my textbook to my classroom partner and obviously its my Biology textbook at some stage I get a little bored with sciences I start to ‘doodle’ in my textbooks little messages like “정용화 섹시 보이 ♥” or longer ones that are lyrics my current would be “그리움이 많아서 차오를 때 비가 부를 테니까” and that will catch anyone eye even if that are not paying attention to the shit written all over someones textbooks :D so she asked me straight out

“What’s all that stuff written in your book” obviously at this time I was actually reading ‘세상에 너를 소리쳐’ and was far-far-away so I looked dumb and said “Huh…” she made her question clearer by saying what’s the stuff I’m reading then I said “Oh! it’s a Korea book” then the question came again :

“Korean? Are you from Korea?” i thought I was done with this xD seems not so I said “No?” this girl though asked more questions

“Why would you learn Korean?” my exact answer was “I like it…” then a few seconds later I said “I like this group too…and a rock band called CNBLUE” obviously this girl seemed more intelligent (mind manners…but its true) the others seemed to know nothing about anything!!!!! (:

Moments like this when I think “If the Hallyu wave hit here” then maybe

1) I could buy my Korean books in a bookstore like a normal human being not order “online”

2) People wouldn’t ask if I was from Korea

3) I could walk in a store and hear a song sung by my favorite band

4) I could write the bloody TOPIK

5) These people would know where Korea was….therefore know its impossible I’m from Korea (I mean really ^^ ME?)

But then I look at all that and I think “its fun to be unique” I don’t plan to be different from everyone else but a chance encounter with a K-drama in 2007 sealed my fate and now this precious language is a part of my life and I wouldn’t have it any different **

I should sleep my eyes are KILLA heavy :p goodnight everyone ♥ but what are some silly questions you have been asked because of Korean? Share your experiences with everyone :D be it quirky or just plain weird!!!! ^^ Look forward to hearing about them.

Sorry for the very non-coherent post ^^ really!!!! I’m not good at typing a 2am ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Korean learning journey!

안녕하세요 ㅎㅎ ^^ 모두 잘 있어요? I hope you are all well :D

I couldn’t think of a post title but the title is alright…I guess?! :)

Today is a Sunday and I am going through notes I made the previous week and revising ; reading and looking over some issues I had (few though!!!) and I kinda realised I missed a bit of stuff and there is a few things (grammar mostly) that is making me a bit stuck ^^ right now I am actually wishing I didn’t go through the whole of last week watching Nikita continuously instead of study my oh! so precious 한국어 then maybe I wouldn’t have forgotten a few things ㅎㅎ

My !@#$%^&* short-memory ^^ wish I had an eidetic memory haha that would be the greatest tool in learning a language on your own ^^

Easy guess means I just have to read over the notes and get it all in my head all over again …it’s actually really frustrating when I have to restart like this with something I have been doing. I don’t plan it but sometimes I think it’s a helpful idea you learning twice which seems like such a bore but who knows maybe in the long-term of things its healthier ㅋㅋㅋ (I highly doubt it though!?)

Just going to read and study a lot even though time is getting limited with me now going to a class daily for an hour at 10am then more schoolwork on top of that I will be doing as much as I can when I can ^^ if I think about everything that needs doing I really won’t get it all done, so just going with it is much better :)

New rules!!! my Mom has asked me to start working a little bit harder with my schoolwork instead of doing rush-jobs just to get it done and study Korean she made it clear to me that if I study my schoolwork hardcore then less effort would need to be put in and I could have more time to study my Korean :) I just don’t know how to do that actually…..HELP ME!!! so time management has to be looked into ^^!!

Schedule for study maybe…certain times that just belong to 한국어 공부 ^^ I usually study for 2-3 hours on a good day so maybe between 5pm – 7pm would be sufficient for me then I don’t have to worry about “squeezing” it in to my life it will just remain a part of life which it has become over time ㅋㅋㅋ

ㅎㅎ its a plain photo of whats in-front of me!! ^^
ㅎㅎ its a plain photo of whats in-front of me!! ^^

I also have about 5 emails to reply too ㅠ.ㅠ why did I let things pile up like this?! I throw myself into a deep hole and I wonder why I didn’t go with a ladder to climb out HAHA!! my metaphors are shit :)


It makes a difference!

I would say it was great it was the weekend but that would be a deceiving lie :)

It may be the weekend right now but I have actually been at home the whole week only left my house for a couple of hours ^^ and I didn’t study anything didn’t feel like it found so many other more deadening ways to spend my days ^^ like watching Season 2 & 3 of Nikita and not sleeping just going through episodes of the show HAHA ^^

Actually spending hours and hours of my day cooped up in my bedroom watching Nikita made me think of something, it makes a difference when you are watching something in your Native language you can go a bit more with your viewing ^^ just like what I was doing with Nikita. Was watching this TV series non-stop and when my eyes would hurt and it was nearer the end I could close then for a few seconds and still “understand” what was happening and enjoy it just as much…if not more.

BOTTOM LINE having watched Nikita the way I did (60 episodes @ 42 min each) continuously and then going on to watch BBC Lifestyle more made me think to myself “Why are you not tired of this yet?” which led to me believing its simply either 1) I’m too lazy to concentrate or 2) It my native language so obviously I’m fluent and being fluent and getting at every sarcastic comment, joke, or snide remark makes it that much more enjoyable to watch anything be it Nikita or something else. For me it was just this show that made me think about it.

Korean is a whole other story. I watch drama but I always try and rid myself of that “crutch” which is English subtitles which is always hard but getting a ton easier as time goes by :D


갈수록 한국어 더 쉬워요 ㅎㅎ

I am hoping that as time goes by like this I will have the same enjoyment I have when I watch other TV series when I watch k-dramas ^^

PS ~ omg! Nikita was renewed for a “shortened” season 4!! Does that mean cancelled unofficially? Is it the last season? I’m a bit upset now lol ^^ shall study 한국어 and watch a drama ^^