Better to stick to the rules

Strange title? Don’t know what it means?

Let me tell you ^^

A while back I said I found it frustrating to always do Korean lessons from Podcasts or whatever in order, but, now I think that was a better option for me! I don’t seem to have the control to go back and forth with lessons (: once I skip over lesson 4 and do lesson 16 you can be sure I’m NEVER going back to finish the lessons in between 4 and 16 :D

Its a very bad habit but anyway. Now that I know about it, I just won’t do it anymore ㅋㅋㅋ Stick to the lessons that are laid out for me, they are set out like that for a reason ^^ who am I to change that?!

So basically because of my own screw up gonna be redoing all of these lessons ^^

Sogang Korean – was doing lessons on this site like crazy, remember last year December with the holidays? Then I thought the Novice was too easy for me (which it was!!) and I skipped to the Intermediate II section and did that instead which was cool, I had no problems with it ^^ enjoyed it actually (: learnt at lot! challenging and engaging ~

Talk To Me In Korean –  A while back before I started this blog I had a real good habit of always going onto TTMIK’s website to check new lessons and follow along with them, this was when they were just on Level 3 still so I could catch up and I did then ; but now they are on Level 9 and I have only done till Level 7 (midway) they seemed a little easy for me at times ; then at times they seem hard. So to put it simply I’m really confused ^^ so I will just go back to Level 5 or something – and I read 3 Iyagi’s so far so I will continue with those too!

LingQ – Luckily I still log onto my LingQ account everyday :D I really like using LingQ ; so I make sure to do my lessons on there daily with-out fail ^^ makes me a bit proud of myself, something I manage to do :- create LingQ and much more ; practice reading ; listening and my pronunciation which is gotten a lot better ^^

Korean Class 101 – now I am really without a doubt addicted to this site ^^ its amazing I always find something for myself ; but again I also don’t follow lessons I am currently doing the Lower Intermediate with the Upper Beginner lessons ; see my mismanaged learning?! and with both those levels I have no problem, the Lower Intermediate has more of a challenge for me than the other but I still listen for reinforcement ^^

Books – I have my textbooks ; and my Big Bang book, but only with my Korean Grammar in Use do I follow it page-by-page ^^ seems better that way for me! but with the Big Bang book I tried reading the G-dragon parts first and I am almost done with those parts then a few days ago I started with the T.O.P parts and skipped the rest :D its a bad habit I know that.

Oh! so now its back to my old ways ; waking up in the morning and doing 3-4 Korean lessons and going over them over the day ^^ great! I like my old ways :D they are the right ways for my personality and I will never try and change the way I study because I kinda figured out that there is really only one method that works for me : the method I have been using for the past two years ^^



[study tool] Using LingQ

I always stumble onto things that I later find useful with my study’s :) odd!

So, using LingQ :) lovely little site that I have been using for all of 36hrs ㅋㅋㅋ

Using one resource to study does not work well with me so I am using LingQ but its alongside a whole load of other sites :)

So LingQ works on a system similar to Anki, it has a Korean script on the side and then it has the Audio file (you can download audio) and print the lesson script and listen to it for a while (5 times did it for me!) then you have the lesson script, right? So you can highlight the words you know and don’t know, it’s sort of like FLTR and Anki mixed up together to create an all in one for you ^_^ all the words and everything to study you just got to click it no need to search on Naver or Daum for it ^^

Alright! Then you can give yourself a quiz and go over your words and memorize and study them, personally I think that instead of printing the lesson transcript you should write it down, for me writing helps me remember better than a printed document ^_^

I think that LingQ is a lot of fun to use ^_^

Oh ~ and look at the bottom of my blog ^_^ you see that weird picture there the PINK thing? That’s my growing LingQ Avatar ^_^ haha! The more words I learn the more my Avatar grows!!!! How awesome is that?

I’m sorry I find that just so cute and funny ^_^ fun way to watch progress! And yes he hasn’t grown yet ㅠㅠ he will grow in a few minutes when I quiz myself xD

[study method] Premium Lesson Checklist

Today I had the whole day in my home ground (a.k.a my couch) to look at new ways to better learn Korean and try out new sites and features, and just generally look around and see what makes me comfortable in learning and use it (:

And I found two sites that I knew of but never really had the chance to try out! These two sites Koreanclass101 and LingQ are very very helpful in learning so I used them a lot today and of cause I used (: as always! For their explanations!

How I found these sites useful :

Korean Class 101

I used this way back when I first started…..then I stopped for so long my mind went BLANK then when I started up Korean learning again I forgot about KClass101 and just started using Talk To Me In Korean! because it was by the same guy that used to be and KClass101 and its FREE (: and I quote what I used to call Hyunwoo Sun when he was at KoreanClass101 “that guy standing on his hands” #sorry I was bad at names (:

But today I dug up my old account paid for a month subscription and started using it right away and (Aww) missed it! Its still very very good to me (: and I found the “Premium Lesson Checklist”  which I had no clue of ㅠㅠ

And its really useful to be honest and not just with Koreanclass101 lessons but all lessons even if all your doing is reading a Korean tweet to test yourself writing it all down on the checklist (minus the comment …unless you want to reply) is very useful and it helps with your confidence :)

Next site I used (together with the checklist) was LingQ which I had known of but honestly! Never known how to use it :p

Time and patience proved to be worth it on this one because I soon figured it all out haha! And its a lovely little system I went through about 20 lessons today and created a whole load of LingQ’s and for each lesson put it in with the checklist!

Talk To Me In Korean – this site is part of my daily life xD I live on it! Its my browsers homepage haha!!! So I never miss an update :)

But I used the checklist too with the TTMIK lessons it very productive! I will use these checklists for every lesson I do :)

ps: I’m an environmental nut so I don’t agree with printing all the checklist papers for all the lessons I do! That would amount to too much paper and too many trees dying so I fill them out within Adobe :p

Vocabulary lists are useless

Okay I know it seems like a stupid realization but I didn’t know all this vocabulary lists are DUMB and they don’t work at all!

I say all this even though I knew it from way back (I study Spanish as a compulsory language in school) that vocabulary lists don’t work because for the past year in school I have been using lists issued by the school to learn Spanish and its the usual drills and stuff! and no progress ):

And guess what?

None of this stuff actually works it’s a waste of time and only sets you up for failure and disappointment as you go along the line (:

Rather when you see a word look it up and jot it down in your notebook with – an example sentence ; several different contexts the word is used in ; and the word itself.

Study that and understand it and learning gets easier (:

For me it did I can list a tonne of words I learned today using this method although since memorization is not the point I probably wouldn’t be able to tell you all of them (: but having a greater understanding of the context of the words and how they are used in sentences would be simple (:

Make a study noise!

I always wonder the right environment to study in, silence or loud music playing in the background!

I don’t know I’ve tried both LOL and when its total silence I go thirty minutes into my study and start to wonder why its so quiet and …..DEAD! but still honestly when its total silence I do tend to remember what I have learned when I study that way – BUT when I study in a total racket (eg. loud music and my phone going off) I also learn just as well because I’m usually listening to some K-Pop and I’m hearing words that I am learning and its sticking in my mind better ㅋㅋㅋ

I don’t really know what to do – so I’m going to go study while playing Trouble Maker @ top volume :D next time I will try some quiet study time see which is a better option for me ^_^

By the way heard this song for the first time on Saturday and its supper awesome! I love it!

Revise! Best way to learn

I’ve had a lot of time yesterday and today too …still on a holiday :)

So I thought of all those TTMIK lessons I have heard but to be honest forgot them and that actually made me a little sad to me honest ㅠㅠ thinking I had forgotten Korean that I had learnt so I decided to just go over it all and revise

Best way I found was to just go over it all even though it takes time its a known fact that revision is the key to learning anything new…keep going at it and sooner or later its going to click in your head :D

Which is awesome because I went over everything practiced with some Korean friends ♥

Now I have to revise more with the help of all the tools at my disposal :

FLTR  (I found this one randomly yesterday then I looked up how to use it and what do you know its Korean Vitamin that helped me :D)

and obviously Anki and every single thing :D


Is it really that bad to use Romanization?

No-one really likes Romanization do they?

No, right!

I agree with all the things most Korean learners have to say about romanization

it makes you too lazy to try to learn 한글 ; it never makes sense when its romanized ; how can I ever learn to write if I am using romanization?

Yeah that all makes sense but! If your just using Romanization as a guide to pronunciation ~ is it really that bad? I don’t think so I was just writing some paragraphs from a Naver news article when I thought to myself “Oh…that’s a hard word to pronounce…” and I broke it down phonetically below the word, so I could read it better, and know how to pronounce it. Used like that can romanization really be that bad? I really don’t think so.

Using it all the time in place of using 한글, yes that would not be such a great idea because it means that when you see 한글 you are not really going to know how to pronounce it at all! Why? Because you don’t know the sounds of each consonant or vowel!

Whereas learning 한글 and understanding her sounds will allow you to sometimes write the romanization of the word the way you would understand it so that you don’t get tongue tied when you review your notes :)

Plus we all love it when studying is a bot easier with shortcuts that are taken every now and then :D we just always got to remember that our shortcuts never become out habits for permanent study! This is only for lazy study ~ and handy memorization of words :D