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16 thoughts on “Korean Learning Resources

  1. thanks, . I’ll be waiting. If I were to learn korean language like I’m a grade schooler, like how we taught english here in philippines, what would be the good ebook for me.?

  2. Thanks. I bought a book “PRIMARY KOREAN” by Johnson park I think it’s also good. and the preice is just 340 philippine money. Maybe it will take me years to atleast understand korean drama but I know it’ll be worth it. :”>

    1. No problem!! And I hope ku enjoy your book!!! Although it will take some time to watch dramas with no subs just keep studying it will happen soon :) 화이팅

  3. 화이팅 hwaiting right?
    yey I understood this. I’m getting used to reading hangeul. thanks also for your wonderful blog that I was able to get some useful stuff. :”> hwaiting right?

  4. wow tnx to this site i really want to learn how to write and speak Korean language because of the Girls and boys Kpop groups and i want to understand what they are talking about in the movie that has no subtittles or without reading the subtittles ^___^ *0* :) ^—^ *o* ;) !!!!

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