Korean Learning Timeline

Hello ~ this is my Korean journey although it’s really short the more I do the more it grows :D and that’s what I will be doing growing my timeline (:


Kirsten.Self studying Korean (….just Korean no Japanese ^^)

I kind of started learning Korean a really long time ago ~

Just going to jot down my journey so I always remember it :D


Korean Journey

2008 ~ watched my first K-drama (슬픈연가) Sad Love Story and after that learnt some very basic Korean phrases and words but I was 14 and had no interest in self studying anything just dodge my homework :D

May 2010 ~ after watching a Korean drama (꽃 보다 남자) Boy’s Over Flowers and now I was older and had more time ~

29 June 2012 ~ Opened this blog and started blogging :p


Then from there I studied and studied all the Korean I could until I had to write my SAT exams that same year (2010) then focused more on my #schoolwork then started up again in early 2011 (May again!) I have a lot of free time in May it seems :P

So I landed up ditching #Korean for a little while till I opened this blog on 29 June 2011 :) and now I will never stop learning Korean (: it will be a part of my life forever ^^

Thanks’ for reading and 코멘트 남겨주세요 ^^


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