Grammer Lexicon [Sentence Ending Particles]

This is my grammar lexicon for sentence ending particles ^^ if something is incorrect please feel free to correct me in the comments or email me at :))


-geodeunyo -거든요 because, you see, actually, in fact
-ge doeda (1) -게 되다 (1) it happens that, the circumstances are that
-gaetda -겠다 must be
-go gada, -go oda -고 가다, -고 오다 come or go after doing –
-go sipda -고 싶다 want to do-
-go itda -고 있다 -being doing
-go hada -고 하다 It is said that-
-kka? -까? is it? / does it? (question particle)
-nayo? -나요? is it? / does it? ( question particle)
-nya -냐 casual sentence ending
-ne -네 casual sentence ending
-neun guna, -neun gunyo -는 구나, -는 군요 I think that
-neunda, -nda -는다, -ㄴ다 -ing (doing, being)
-neunde, -haneunde (1) -는데, -하는데 (1) well it is -ing now
-dago?, -neundago? -다고?, -는다고? tag question (isn’t it? right? eh?)
-dagoyo?, -ragoyo? -다고요?, -라고요? so what you said is, so you mean
-danikka,-ranikka -다니까,-라니까 I said/I told you
-daeyo,-reyo -대요,-래요 it says that-
-do doeda -도 되다 may, can
-eoya doeda, -aya doeda. -어야 되다, -아야 되다. have to be, should be, must be
-yo -요 politeness particle
-eun gam-i itda -은 감이 있다 to seem somewhat
-eun geot gata -은 것 같다 I think it seems to be
-eun cheok hada -은 척 하다 pretend to
-eunde, -neunde -은데, -는데 isn’t it, doesn’t it? (exclamatory ending)
-eul geoya -을 거야 I suppose, I think
-eul geot gatda -을 것 같다 I think
-eul geosida -을 것이다 will, am going to
-eul ppeon hada, hal ppeon hada -을 뻔 하다, -할 뻔하다. to almost do somethiing, to closely escape doing something
-eul sudo itda -을 수도 있다 it might be, there is a possiblity of
-eul jul alda or moreuda -을 줄 알다 to know how to do
-eul jido moreuda -을 지도 모르다 It might be
-eulkkayo?, -halkkayo? -을까요?, -할까요? shall we, let’s, why don’t we
-eullae, -eullae? -을래, -을래? I want to, I would like to, shell we?
-ingayo? -인가요? tag question (isn’t it? right? eh?)
-ja -자 let’s, why don’t we-
-janha -잖아 you know,
-ji -doeda -지 – 되다 since – it has been
-ji malda -지 말다 please don’t do-, don’t do-
-ji anta, -haji anta -지 않다 / -하지않다. negative sentence ending
-ji(yo) -지(요) isn’t it, doesn’t it? (question particle)
neunyo, eunyo 는요, 은요 How about?
rani 라니 what do you mean
malida 말이다 I’m saying, what I’m saying is
bakke eopda 밖에 없다 only, just
ida, imnida 이다, 입니다 I am, to be

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